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web site design
Jennifer Rapacki has been guiding small businesses through the experience of developing an online presence since 1999.   Contact her now to find out how she can help your business get online!
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I would highly recommend Jennifer Rapacki to anyone who would benefit from her services for her talent and expertise for custom web site design and maintenance as well as a web designer who responds in a timely, accurate and creative manner.

I wanted to have a web site for my real estate business that really represented all that I have to offer from the first impression on. I have received so many compliments on the look and functionality of my site that Jennifer Rapacki designed.

In searching for a personal and professional custom design for my web site, I found Jennifer to be knowledgeable in many facets of web design and open to personal ideas and suggestions. She consistently delivers a quality product and makes herself available for problem solving. Jennifer was most helpful with the entire design process, including the research and guidance to information pertaining to my real estate business as well as launching my web site online making it available for public access.

Jennifer Rapacki offers a unique approach to today's web site design as well as a highly interactive and dynamic internet presence.

Cynthia DePriest

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